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PCA Change to CFSS

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The Minnesota Department of Human Services is preparing to transition from personal care assistance (PCA) to community first services and supports (CFSS). Both PCA and CFSS provide supports to people to help them remain independent in the community.

CFSS will be similar to PCA in many ways. People eligible for PCA will also be eligible for CFSS. CFSS will cover services covered by PCA. For more details, see How is CFSS similar to PCA? in the Frequently asked questions below.

CFSS will expand people’s choices about how they receive their services, including who can provide services, additional support for writing plans, more self-direction options and the ability to purchase goods to aid a person’s independence. For more details, see How is CFSS different from PCA? in the Frequently asked questions below.

DHS must finish updating our computer system for CFSS and obtain federal approval. There will be public comment periods when DHS submits Minnesota’s plans for CFSS to the federal government.

The Consumer Support Grant (CSG) will also transition to CFSS. DHS will issue more information on this transition in the future. For more information, see What will the transition look like for people who use the Consumer Support Grant? in the Frequently asked questions below.

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